Born in a pandemic, we know how to handle difficulty. 

As a small, agile operation, we’re able to customize finishing solutions for the most demanding applications. We are all about exacting projects that necessitate creativity and faultless execution. Our focus is on the details; it drives everything that we do. Whether for one-off customs, prototype work, or scaled production, a fixation on details is the linchpin of our execution. The right finish, done the right way, with every element dialed, is what makes us the best at what we do. 

Our roots in the cycling industry inform our fixation on tailored finishes. The high-tolerance nature of modern cycling products, combined with the discerning nature of our custom and OEM clients, mean there is no room for compromise. As we’ve grown, our focus on producing the absolute best finish has helped us expand into multiple other industries. A systematic approach, centered around finding the right finish for the task at hand, has seen our work go to space and be used in game-changing scientific instruments. 

We find satisfaction in a job well done, with no compromises. It’s what drives us every day, on every project.

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