OEM and B2B Coating

We work extensively with clients in a diverse array of industries executing everything from prototype and sample work, to full-on production runs. Our shop was built with flexibility in mind, which allows us to tackle a wide variety of projects from small to large. With coating capabilities to match, we can tailor the finish to almost any product or project. 

Prototype and Production

If there is one thing we specialize in, it’s working with clients to create a coating solution that will scale from prototype to production. One-off solutions can work at smaller scale and volume, but it takes experience to understand how seemingly small details can derail production at larger volumes. This is where our breadth and depth of experience pays dividends. 

Consulting and Training

Finish work is easily one of the most fraught operations when creating a product, with too many pitfalls to count. Managed poorly, it can become a critical bottleneck between product and payday. Years of hands-on technical knowledge, positions us uniquely to help guide others. From initial build and permitting, to training, to ongoing production, we have the experience to steer any operation in the right direction. 

Custom Work

Where we started, and where we still love to be. Our custom work, especially cycling related, will always be one of our favorite things to do. The challenge and reward is difficult to match. Revealing the final result after so many hours of work is a feeling that can’t be described. And the look in the eye of the owner when they see it for the first time? Nothing beats it.