Liquid Paint

There is no finish in the world that can match a well-executed paint job. A custom paint job with all the details attended to? Sublime. Just no other way to put it. There is no other method or material that can match it for overall durability and final finish quality. By utilizing the best automotive-grade paint available, we’re able to create stunning finishes that last. Excellent protection, crisp graphics, glassy clear coats, look no further than our paint finishes. Whether it’s a custom bike frame, high-end motorcycle, or anything with a need for the best, paint is the first solution we reach for. The variety of specialty paints that are available allow many projects to take advantage of the flexibility of paint application. There are no substrate constraints with paint. Metal, composite, wood, heat-sensitive surfaces, it’s all fair game. Complex shapes and graphics? No problem at all. Paint is so endlessly adaptable, that there aren’t many projects that we don’t recommend it for. 

Ceramic Coating 

No other coating out there quite matches the unique properties of modern ceramic coatings. Ultra-thin application combined with solid durability makes ceramic a great choice for the highest tolerance parts. With specialty options for certain extreme use cases, it’s sometimes the only choice for certain projects. If the use-case of a part calls for very high temperatures, or extremely low friction, ceramic can be a perfect fit. Like paint, there aren’t any substrates that can’t be coated. With air-cure options, even sensitive materials are no problem at all. Perhaps best of all, ceramic is perfect for coating any part that needs to maintain very fine tolerances. Even threaded parts can often be coated without any issues. No other finish can boast that kind of application. We utilize ceramic extensively for all our aerospace and scientific instrument clients. It’s tough to find a better testament to a coating’s resilience than having gone to space! We are a Cerakote Certified Applicator and utilize only genuine Cerakote products in all our ceramic coating work. 

Powder Coat

We no longer offer in-house powder coating services, but with many years of experience with the material and application, we do offer consulting and training for powder coating.