About Us

Flux Customs is a small shop specializing in the complex. Whether cosmetic, or done for a more technical purpose, we have the ability to provide finishes for any application. The more difficult a project, the more likely we’ll be able to come up with a way to do it. With a background in the cycling industry, we’re extremely familiar with the necessity for precision and attention to every last detail. 

Our finishes encompass everything from the simple to complicated. From basic powder coating of utilitarian items such as door handles, railings, mixers, etc., to more involved projects like bicycle restorations, custom motorcycle work, antique refurbishment, or titanium anodized items. The possibilities are quite literally endless. No other shop offers the breadth of finishes that we do. The scope of what we can do is what allows us to tailor the best finish for your unique application. 

We’re also able to assist in the design stage of your project. From conception to final product, we have the ability, knowledge, and equipment, to execute on any idea. We are able to assist in any stage of development, or undertake the whole process for you. 

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